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When is The First Presidential Debate?

All Eyes on the First Presidential Debate

The first US Presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump is set to take place this Thursday, June 27th at 9pm EDT. The highly anticipated debate will be held in a TV studio and is expected to help shape the direction of the 2024 election campaign.

This initial showdown represents one of the biggest political events remaining on the calendar as Americans prepare to cast their votes in November. The debate format has been designed to minimize interruptions between the candidates. Microphones will be muted when one candidate has the floor to prevent the other from interrupting.

However, the debate is not being governed by the long-standing Commission on Presidential Debates. Instead, it will be overseen solely by the commercial TV networks broadcasting the event. This less structured arrangement raises concerns about a potential lack of enforcement of rules. There are fears it could devolve into more conflict than traditional debates.

All eyes will be on both candidates’ performances. Investors will be scrutinizing Biden’s health and stamina under pressure. They will also be listening closely to Trump’s comments on key economic issues like taxes, trade and tariffs. Any major mistakes or unexpected developments from either side have the potential to significantly impact the tight race.

With the election outcome still very much in doubt, Thursday night’s debate takes on high stakes. It could set the tone for the campaign’s home stretch leading into November.

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