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Biden-Harris Administration Invests $238 Million into Agriculture

Key Takeaways: The USDA is providing $238 million in funding through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) and the Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program...

Joe Biden signs $460 Billion spending package

On Saturday, President Joe Biden signed a $460 billion spending package, avoiding a shutdown.

Biden warns of Threats to Democracy in State of the Union Address

President Joe Biden delivered his State of the Union address on March 7, 2024, using the speech to sound the alarm about threats to American democracy at home and abroad. Speaking to a divided Congress, Biden warned that "freedom and democracy are under assault" in a way not seen since the Civil War.

Nikki Haley leaves Trump as likely republican nominee

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley announced on Wednesday that she is suspending her 2024 presidential campaign, acknowledging that she was unable to overcome former President Donald Trump's position in the race for the Republican nomination.

Donald Trump Tightens Grip on GOP Nomination

Former President Donald Trump emerged victorious in the Republican presidential primaries across multiple states on Super Tuesday, dealing a major blow to his main rival Nikki Haley, and moving closer to the party's nomination for the 2024 election.

Taylor Swift could impact the 2024 Election

In the upcoming 2024 U.S. Presidential elections, Taylor Swift's influence could shape politics. Known for her massive global following and her increasingly vocal stance on political issues, Swift has demonstrated an ability to mobilize voters, particularly among the younger demographic.

Joe Biden: Over 500 New Sanctions Against Russia

According to a statement from the White House, President Joe Biden announced over 500 new sanctions against Russia. This move comes on the eve of the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


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