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Jobless Claims Push S&P Lower, Dollar Higher

Economic Data Key Takeaways: Continuing Jobless Claims (May 11): Actual figure of 1,794K is slightly lower than the consensus of 1,799K and higher than the...

Inflation Falls Towards The Federal Reserve’s Inflation Goals

Key Takeaways: If inflation continues to trend downward, it could lead to lower interest rates in the future. Financial markets reacted positively to the news, with...

S&P Increases, Dollar Falls, After PPI Report

Key Takeaways: The recent Producer Price Index (PPI) report has shown a higher-than-expected increase in wholesale prices, with a 0.5% rise in April, surpassing the...

Inflation Expected to Decrease as Markets Wait For Incoming Data

Key Takeaways: Inflation Rate (YoY), is projected to show a slight decrease in the inflation rate year-over-year, from 3.5% in the previous month to a...

Recent Jobs Data Could be What The Fed is Looking For

Key Takeaways: For the week ending May 4th, initial jobless claims rose to 231,000, higher than the expected 210,000 and the previous week's 209,000. One of...

RBA Expected to Hold Interest Rates Steady at May 2024 Meeting

Key Takeaways: The RBA is expected to hold interest rates steady at 4.35% during its May 2024 meeting AUD/USD has increased over the past few days,...

Euro Sentiment Continues to Decline Among Asset Managers

Key Takeaways: According to the COT report, asset managers decreased their long positions by 1,991 contracts while increasing their short positions by 1,563 contracts. Leveraged Funds...


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