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Bitcoin Halving Dates and History

Key Takeaways: The concept of halving was built into the Bitcoin protocol by its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, as a way to control inflation and ensure...

What is the halving? What Will The Next One Do for Bitcoin?

Key Takeaways: The Bitcoin halving is a pre-programmed event that occurs approximately every four years, or more precisely, every 210,000 blocks. The upcoming halving, set to...

Bitcoin fell 6.0% From The Previous Day, With The Halving Close By

Despite the bitcoin halving event less than 20 days away, the world's largest cryptocurrency has faced a setback. Bitcoin fell to $65,500 on Tuesday, marking a 6.18% decline from the previous day's close.

Bitcoin increases past $70,000 as halving approaches

As the Bitcoin halving event draws closer, with less than 30 days remaining until April 24, 2024, according to nicehash. The world's largest cryptocurrency has increased past the $70,000 mark.

El Salvador Eliminates Income Tax, Currently holds over 5,700 Bitcoin

El Salvador's Congress has approved a reform to remove income taxes on money entering the country from abroad. This decision comes as the nation's Bitcoin holdings, which currently amount to over $200 million USD according to Nayibtracker.com, have seen a significant increase in value due to the cryptocurrency's recent price surge.

Coinbase shares surge as Bitcoin hits all-time high

Coinbase (COIN) shares have risen more than 3% today as Bitcoin reaches new all-time highs. The recent approval and launch of U.S.-listed spot Bitcoin ETFs, along with the growing excitement surrounding the upcoming Bitcoin Halving event, have created a case for the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange.


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