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Reddit sells training data amidst IPO plans

Reddit was founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in 2005. Known for its user-generated content and community-driven discussions, it has become a place for niche groups. Despite its massive user base, the company has faced challenges in turning a profit, primarily due to its reliance on advertising revenue and the costs associated with platform development and maintenance.

IPO Plans

Valued at about $10 billion in a 2021 funding round, Reddit has been eyeing an IPO for over three years. The planned IPO in March is a strategic move to sell approximately 10% of its shares, with a public filing expected in late February. The timing and valuation of the IPO remain subject to market conditions and internal decisions.

Platforms like TikTok and Facebook dominate advertising revenues. Reddit’s decision to go public shows its financial viability and an opportunity to gauge its users’ loyalty.

With advertising revenues projected to exceed $800 million in 2023, up 20% from the previous year, Reddit is on a path to financial growth. However, the platform’s profitability is still in question, pushing the company to explore additional revenue sources, such as premium access subscriptions and API access fees for AI companies.

The AI Deal

According to Bloomberg, Reddit has entered a $60 million/year contract with an unnamed AI company to allow training of AI models on its content. This deal, part of a larger trend of tech firms licensing data for AI development, could impact the value of Reddit’s IPO.

Reddit’s nearly two decades of human-generated content offer a rich source of data for training AI models. This partnership could facilitate advancements in AI that are more nuanced and context-aware, benefiting from the diverse and dynamic discussions hosted on Reddit. The deal also raises questions about data privacy and the ethical use of user-generated content.

Possible Future

Reddit’s IPO and its deal with an AI company signify a new phase in the platform’s evolution. The financial and strategic moves made by Reddit will not only influence its own trajectory but also set precedents for how social media platforms engage with AI technologies and monetize their data.

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