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How Taiwan’s Chip Makers Are Reviving Japan’s Economy

Japan’s semiconductor industry is experiencing a resurgence, fueled by the expansion of Taiwanese chip companies within its borders. 

A Strategic Expansion

TSMC, the world’s leading semiconductor company, decided to establish its first plant on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu. Kyushu, with its rich history in chipmaking, has become a strategic hub for TSMC’s expansion. By leveraging Japan’s industrious work culture and the government’s supportive stance, including generous subsidies. This move is complemented by TSMC’s announcement of a second fabrication plant in Japan. Bringing its total investment in the country to over $20 billion.

Taiwanese Firms’ Growing Footprint

The past two years have seen at least nine Taiwanese semiconductor firms establishing or expanding their presence in Japan. Driven by the promising prospects of the Japanese semiconductor sector and enabled by a weak yen. Companies like Alchip Technologies and eMemory Technology have been important, capitalizing on Japan’s technological ecosystem and its talent pool. Alchip’s shift from China to Japan, amid the decoupling trend, and eMemory’s successful establishment in Yokohama highlight the strategic realignment towards Japan.

Government and Industry

Japan’s efforts to rejuvenate its semiconductor industry have been met with substantial government support. Aimed at reclaiming its former glory and ensuring economic security. The government’s proactive approach, characterized by substantial subsidies and minimal political interference, has been instrumental in attracting foreign investment and fostering industry growth. This synergy between government initiatives and industry needs is exemplified by the government-backed Rapidus venture and Taiwan’s Powerchip’s plans for a significant foundry in Japan. Further solidifying Japan’s position as a semiconductor manufacturing hub.

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