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JPY Sentiment Slightly Improves Among Asset Managers

Key Takeaways: Asset Managers were more bullish on the Japanese Yen, however the main trend of sentiment remains bearish JPY. The overall market sentiment remains mixed....

EUR/USD Could Fall Next Week as Sentiment Declines

Key Takeaways: Asset managers have reduced their long positions by 5,896 contracts while increasing their short positions by 17,090 contracts compared to the previous week. Institutional...

USDJPY Increased to its Highest Level Since the 1990s

Key Takeaways: The carry trade that has lasted since 2021 continues to become more profitable. Sentiment also continues to decline, especially from the last COT...

AUD/USD Sentiment Remains Bearish According to COT Data

Key Takeaways: The data shows that asset managers and institutional investors now hold 134,025 short contracts, a substantial increase of 10,994 contracts from the previous...

EUR/USD Sentiment Falls, a Higher Chance of Price Decreasing

Key Takeaways: Sentiment is shifting toward bearish on the Euro. Market participants are also growing more bearish on the Euro and are looking to capitalize on...

GBP/USD Sentiment Continues to Fall as Dollar Strengthens

Key Takeaways: Asset managers and institutional traders also decreased their long positions by 15,935 contracts, while increasing their short positions by 1,793 contracts. This change in...

USD/CHF Sentiment has increased substantially over 3 months

Key Takeaways: According to the data, the total open interest in CHF futures has increased from 51,236 contracts on January 2, 2024, to 93,411 contracts...


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